“There’s no doubt about it:
The [Rosslyn] music is gravely beautiful in its relative simplicity, and credibly ‘ancient’.
It is performed by an accomplished, pure-toned quartet of singers.
[The Chartres piece] is both sober and appealing. This passes what might be called a ‘blindfold test’:

“I enjoyed the music even before I knew what was behind it.”

– Raymond S. Tuttle (International Record Review)


A Symbolic Symphony in Stone - 'Frozen Music'


Rosslyn Chapel holds a musical mystery in its architecture and design.
At one end of the chapel, on the ceiling are 4 cross-sections of arches containing
elaborate symbolic designs on each array of cubes (in actual fact they are rectangles mostly).

The 'cubes' are attached to the arches in a musically sequential way.


And to confirm this, at the ends of each arch there is an angel playing a musical instrument of a different kind. After 27 years of study and research by Stuart's father Thomas.J.Mitchell, we believe he has found the pitches and tonality that match the symbols on each cube, revealing its melodic and harmonic progressions. 



John Stuart Reid - Visit for more on Cymatics


It is what we could call 'frozen music', a little like cryogenics. The music has been frozen in time by symbolism, it was only a matter of time before the symbolism began to 'thaw out' and begin to make sense to scientific and musical perception.