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The Impressionists

Music inspired by The Impressionist Artist's from Van Gogh and Monet to Renoir and Picasso. Richly orchestrated and performed by Stuart Mitchell.



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Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Filmharmonic Orchestra
& Choir of Prague - Conducted by Adam Klemens

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Seven Wonders
Suite for Orchestra




The Silent Sky
Stuart Mitchell & Neil Warden (2015)

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The Rosslyn Motet - 2010

Music Composed/Realised by Thomas.J.Mitchell

Produced and Scored by Stuart Mitchell, English into Latin translations by Virginia Avalon



DNA Variations - The Sea

Full Stereo Mastered Audio CD CAT:DNAVAR1432

DNA VARIATIONS is a collection of melodic DNA tone poems, personal expressions of the musical forms found in the mitochondrial DNA of all living species.


The DNA music of Plants


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